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Here's the original 1992 theatrical trailer for Aladdin
I love a good Walt Disney film, and I used to love watching them with my two children when they were kids (they're all grown up now). There are so many classic Disney films, but one of my many favourites is Aladdin. For those who are unfamiliar with the story, here's a brief overview:

It's a classic eastern tale of the adventures of a common, poverty-stricken young man named Aladdin, who lives in the city of Agrabah. He falls in love with the Princess Jasmine and finally wins her love and marries her, but only after he has to do battle with the evil magician Jafar. Jafar also wants to marry Jasmine, so he can become the Sultan. So Jafar is in search of a lamp that contains a genie that can grant three wishes to the one who summons him, which is located in a treasure cave called The Cave of Wonders. But only one may enter the cave - he who is the Diamond in the Rough.

This of course is Aladdin, who is considered a 'street rat' on the outside but he has a loving, noble heart on the inside. He is the chosen one, who alone has access to the Cave of Wonders and its treasure, but of course Jafar uses his tricks to steal the lamp, and he attempts to kill Aladdin too, but good triumphs over evil, and the poor commoner becomes a prince and gets the girl! How could it be any other way in a Disney film!
One of the dominant characters in this movie is the Genie, voiced by Robin Williams. His quick and zany humour, combined with the animation has to be seen and heard to be appreciated. It's hilarious! The Genie's friendship with Aladdin is also quite touching, which gives great contrast to his later position of slavery to Jafar.

It's a great adventure film filled with humour and romance, with good overcoming evil. It's also interesting to see evil and deception being portrayed as a serpent, which was quite common in ancient mythology! It also has some good songs and colourful animation, and most of all it has a powerful message - that love is all-powerful and conquers all.

And I absolutely
love the part where the genie is set free! Brilliant! There are many parallels here with the spiritual experience of being released from the burden of sin, and of freedom from bondage to the kingdom of darkness, brought about as a result of Christ Jesus becoming the new Master who sets the prisoner free by the process of Redemption.

My daughter Rebecca used to love many of the Disney songs from various films when she was younger (and I think she still does). One of the well-known songs from Aladdin is called
A Whole New World, a duet between Aladdin and Jasmine. There's some really cool, meaningful lines in this song. Portions of these lyrics speak to me not only of the experience of finding romantic love, or even the love a parent may have for a child, but also of the spiritual experience of belonging to the Kingdom of God - which truly opens up a whole New World, a New Creation. The life of the Spirit can be pretty amazing!

In the kingdom of God, it is possible for a 'commoner' to become part of the ultimate Royal Family as a prince or princess, to belong to the Son of the King as a corporate Bride - and all through the spiritual power of a glorious LAMP!
A whole New World, a new fantastic point of view...

A dazzling place I never knew...

Unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling...

A hundred thousand things to see...

I can't go back to where I used to be...

New horizons to pursue...

A whole new life for you and me!

(lyrics by Tim Rice)
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