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Last Updated: 22/02/2012
I first started getting into some of Amy Grant's album's in about 1994, when she released House of Love. I'd heard some of her music back in the 1980's, but I was more interested in the harder rock stuff back then. Some would say that it was Amy who first brought Contemporary Christian Music into the mainstream, particularly in America, where the heart of CCM abides really.

My appreciation of her music and song-writing talent has grown over the years. As much as I like some of her early pop/rock stuff, such as the albums
Lead Me On (1988) and Heart In Motion (1991), it is her later albums that I appreciate the most, in particular Simple Things (2003).

I think this album reveals a maturing process for Amy, both musically and spiritually, as a result of the painful trials of life. In more recent years, she caused some controversy when her first marriage to fellow musician Gary Chapman ended in divorce, and she subsequently married her long-time friend, country artist Vince Gill. Well, of course it's not ideal for a Christian couple to get divorced, especially those in ministry, but stuff happens - and there are always consequences, especially if children are involved. Sadly, the Church often revels in such gossip, throwing stones like a baseball pitcher in practise!

I'm not saying that those in positions of responsibilty and influence should not be accountable for how they live, but there is the matter of grace! We shouldn't be too quick to judge and condemn. I certainly don't know all the details of Amy Grant's life - and I don't want to either! As far as Amy's relationships are concerned, that's between them and God - though biblically speaking, there does seem to be some issues that need dealing with in this case, particularly if you believe much of the talk out there on the Net! Nevertheless, one day we will all have to give an account of ourselves to God, and in the meantime there is forgiveness, mercy and grace for all who bow the knee to the One who died and rose again to restore us all. And the temptations of the music business are pretty huge - with all that adulation! So we should pray for all those in such positions. I for one am not going to stop liking her music because of her mistakes!
Anyhow, on the Jukebox you'll find a selection of some of my favourite Amy Grant songs, and I hope that you'll be greatly blessed through them, as I have been.
Anyway, what I really like about Amy's music, much of which she wrote or co-wrote, is her emphasis on God's love and grace - and she has an excellent voice with which to communicate these things!

Behind The Eyes (1997) is loaded with very profound and meaningful songs, even though some of them are somewhat melancholy and very moving. A couple of these songs have been re-released on her more recent album Somewhere Down The Road (2010), which is also a very sobering, yet refreshing, listening experience. As deep or as moving as some of her songs can be, there is always faith and hope as the foundation.

I have to admit that for me a lot of Christian music can sound cheesy and soppy, or just very samey, full of biblical cliches and spiritual sentimentality! A little bit too sugary-sweet! I like to hear something that's real, telling it like it is, from the heart - even if it is communicated with a little tenderness and love!

The live DVD concert
Time Again (2006) is excellent. I would definitely recommend it, as it sounds - and looks - great! This is the nearest I've got to seeing her live!
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