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My name is Gerald C. Watts, though I usually go by the name Gerry Watts. I was born in the mid-1960's in Bristol, England, where I was also raised and where I still live at present. It is not my intention to write a detailed bio of my life here, but to give a somewhat brief sketch of some key elements of my life experience that I feel are relevant to readers of my site. There are other places on this site where I give further details of some of my life experiences where appropriate to give some idea of where I'm coming from.

I've been a Christian since my youth (having attended a local Baptist Church for the first 20 or so years of my life), though I went through a period of rebellion in my late teens-early twenties, emerging out of that time having learned some difficult life lessons. I was married for about five years during that time and had two children, Luke and Rebecca, and I was a part-time caretaker of a small village Baptist Church in Dundry. My first wife, Kerry, was not a Christian and after about six months separation, she began another relationship, eventually resulting in our divorce in the early 1990's.
September 2016
In about 2001, I met my second wife, Angela, who very much became a part of this website through my publishing her testimony and her poems. As difficult as this is to say, after we had been married almost 11 years, Angela left me suddenly, without warning, in July 2015, which left me absolutely stunned, devastated and heartbroken. Shortly after this, for some unknown reason, she completely cut me off, and I was only able to communicate with her via letter. To this day, I am still not fully sure what happened as I haven't really been given a chance to talk things through with her. I have tried to seek reconciliation with her a number of times, even after she began divorce proceedings early in 2016, but to no avail.

Angela had suffered with mental health issues for many years and I supported her the best I could, but I had also been struggling with managing my own condition for quite awhile, which, admittedly, had resulted in my battling some issues of my own temporarily, such as severe anxiety. We had also recently suffered a traumatic event when one of Angela's best friends committed suicide by jumping off her balcony of the block of flats where we used to live. To be honest, we'd had a rough few years to say the least! Nevertheless, we were generally a very close, affectionate couple, and we supported each other the best we could in sometimes difficult circumstances; and Angela had been amazingly caring with me over the years when my condition was more severe, probably because she was a Nursing Assistant.
Despite all the hardships, we had been blessed in so many ways, and it is very hard for me to understand why Angela chose to do what she did and throw away our 14 years together. Sadly, it is a fact of life that some people change, and they give up and quit, instead of remaining faithful and true no matter what the obstacles. I guess it's all about Jeremiah 17:9-10.

I have to say, especially as a Christian, I believe in fighting for love and that which is right, giving precedence to honesty and truth, with sincerity and humility, always being willing to change for the better, even if the cost is quite high. This includes being honest with oneself and admitting one's mistakes and failings, seeking positive change, with the continual goal of bearing the fruit of the Spirit in increasing measure - especially the attribute of Love. And more than any other relationship, marriage is most sacred. Nevertheless, it is easy for any of us to get stuck in a rut, having to contend with bad habits that affect our thought processes and behaviour - and I've certainly been there and done that!

Whatever may happen with my life now as I slowly rebuild it, I cling to Romans 8:28 and 15:13. I think abandonment and rejection by a best friend/spouse is one of the toughest things to deal with in life, as is also betrayal and unfaithfulness. May the love and mercy of Christ truly have victory if one reading this finds him or herself in such circumstances. For me, this has been the toughest season of my life thus far, which at times has challenged my faith and tested my own heart as I've struggled to cope with such life-changing events, but there is always hope for the future.
During the late 1980's and through the 1990's, I had a variety of jobs, along with seasons of unemployment. Some of my highlights included a watch repairer, a motorcycle/van Courier, a window cleaner, and an optical assistant in a high street Opticians, almost leading to a career as a Dispensing Optician. I spent some time near Seattle in the USA on three trips in 1995-96, during which time I had a long-distance romance with a lovely Christian girl called Elaine. I was hoping to move to America, but that didn't work out, but I have plenty of wonderful, fond memories of those trips and the people I met and stayed with. I also visited Israel about 1994. During 1999-2000 I completed a college course in PC Servicing & Maintenance as I was planning on developing a career in computers. Sadly, due to gradual deterioration in my health in the late 1990's, this career didn't transpire.

I was diagnosed with M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in about 2000 (having to sign off work), and this led to a complete change in my life as the years progressed. At times this condition has affected me very severely leaving me housebound for long periods. There have been times when the mental and emotional challenge of dealing with this infirmity has caused further complications temporarily, leading to periods of depression and isolation. It is still often difficult to manage (and even more difficult trying to explain to others the challenges it brings), but I am hopeful of increasing improvement and healing by God's grace.
I've been a serious student of the Bible for over 25 years now, and I've been a lay teacher, largely via this website, since about 2000. I've read, studied and researched a significant amount of scholarly material over the years on a variety of subjects relating to biblical studies. I published a book through iUniverse publishing in 2003 entitled Ancient Prophecies Unveiled: The Times of the Nations. It was a chunky volume at 470 pages! It is now discontinued because my views changed quite substantially in certain areas (namely - for those who are familiar with theological terms - I no longer hold to the futurist view of Dispensationalism, or the position known as Evangelical Universalism). There are probably about 50+ copies of my book out there somewhere.

My primary aim is to publish further books as Kindle and/or paperback editions, along with an audio teaching series, which is also made available on my YouTube channel.

Anyhow, I wish to emphasise that everything on this site is ultimately to be a witness to the love, grace and power of the One who's Name is above every other name in existence; even when the things of life are tough and aren't going to plan (human plans, that is). God is good, and He is faithful.

Grace and peace

September 2016
After this difficult period of my life, I began to focus on a music ministry (which eventually fizzled out for various reasons - see the Music section for further info) while also pursuing some serious Bible study with the aim of possibly becoming a Bible teacher or pastor. Due to various circumstances beyond my control, the opportunities never materialised for me to go to Bible College.