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The Secrets Of The Parables by Gerry Watts (Newly Revised Edition 2013-2015)
(January 2014) I have been in the early stages of writing a book tentatively titled The Royal Appearing & Paradise Restored; subtitled A Preterist Understanding of Biblical Prophecy for a few months now. In the book I aim to consider the bigger picture of biblical history & prophecy viewed within the eschatological framework of Consistent Premillennial/Amillennial Preterism (for want of a better description). I plan to deal with many foundational subjects that encompass the doctrines of Eschatology (the study of last things) including death & resurrection, the Second Advent, the Olivet Discourse, elements of Daniel & Revelation, the Judgment, the New Creation, the restoration of Israel, the war of Gog and Magog, and the Millennial Kingdom.