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The Heavens and the Earth: A Look at Genesis 1 (pdf) by Gerry Watts - Newly Revised Version
Originally published in 2001; 2006; re-written April 2012
Answers In Creation - This excellent site considers the alternative views of Creationists, focusing on the fact that the earth is old and Noah's Flood was local, not global. I used to accept the Young Earth/Global Flood scenarios of the Answers in Genesis ministries and their affiliates almost without question (links to these below), but I now reject this Young Earth view.

Evidence For God - Another good Old Earth Creation site
Below are some informative articles on the subject of Noah's Flood, each with slightly differing views on what actually occurred:

Did the Flood Cover Mountains? by Ernest L Martin

Answers in Genesis 'Flood Page'

Where was the Flood of Noah? (Answers in Creation)
Biblical Genealogies (pdf)
Answers In Genesis Ministries - This site focuses on the issues of Creation and Evolution from a Young Earth perspective.

Creation Ministries International - As above (previously AiG). Publishers of Creation magazine.
BioLogos - This site deals with the view of Evolutionary Creation. It presents some extremely fascinating and challenging views about God's use of Evolution in his creation, along with more satisfying ways of interpreting the early chapters of Genesis from a Near Eastern perspective.
Origins - A site dedicated to the book Origins: Christian Perspectives on Creation, Evolution and Intelligent Design by Deborah B. Haarsma & Loren D. Haarsma, with additional web material. An excellent resource for understanding the various viewpoints and interpretations. Now includes a 6-session video presentation available to view for free or purchase.
Below are some links that provide numerous articles that give support to Divine Creation/Intelligent Design:

Answers in Genesis index (Young Earth)

Evidence for God (Old Earth)
Reasons To Believe - The ministry of Astrophysicist Dr Hugh Ross and his team (Progressive/Old Earth Creationism)
Did Darwin Kill God? - An excellent documentary that considers some of the underlying issues in the on-going debate (or some would say 'war') between science and Christianity. Very enlightening. Originally shown on BBC in 2009. I was forced to re-think a number of things when I first saw this three years ago. Well done, Conor Cunningham.
BioLogos Multimedia Page - A number of interesting videos on Evolution, Science and Genesis, etc. See above for info on the BioLogos site.
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The Faraday Papers - Scholarly papers relating to Science and Religion
Unbelievable debate show with Justin Brierley, Premier Christian Radio
Dr. Michael S. Heiser - Biblical scholar specialising in ancient Near Eastern culture. A wealth of fascinating info on many important topics, particularly his insight into the Genesis creation texts, the heavenly Divine Council of the Elohim, & Jewish Binatarianism. (See below in Multimedia Links)
A series on the Genesis texts by Dr Michael Heiser available on my YouTube channel