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Tenor Opera Singer
Clive Watts (my father)
Born 14th October 1933
Died 6th October 1990
This page is dedicated to the music of my father, Clive Watts. He was an outstanding tenor opera singer, performing for the best part of 30 years, from 1960 to 1990 (largely with the Bristol Opera Company), until his tragic death in 1990 of a massive heart attack. Sadly, even his mother, Jenny, my Gran, outlived him by 18 years (she recently passed away in 2008).

He was born and raised in South Wales (most of my family on both sides have Welsh roots), so it's no wonder he had such a great voice, as Wales is known for producing great voices. He also sang in the Treorchy Male Voice Choir. He later moved to Bristol in about 1958, after he had spent some time living in Slough, England.

During this time he had some singing lessons in London and he went on to attend an audition for Sadler's Wells Opera Company and was accepted, but for a number of practical reasons, one of which was his impending marriage to his sweetheart, Denise Robbins (who became my mother, Denise Watts), he decided to decline the offer.
Then in 1959, after winning the Rosebowl in the Opera class at the Bristol Eisteddfod, he was invited to join the Bristol Opera Company. He then played the leading tenor part for almost every opera production for the next 30 years. One of the highlights of his singing career with BOC was performing Aida in Malta during the 1980's. He also enjoyed performing as a soloist at numerous concerts, and this included singing with other soloists, one of whom was well-known soprano Cynthia Glover.

After his death, a memorial concert was given in his honour by the Bristol Opera Company at St George's Music Trust, Brandon Hill, Bristol in February of 1991.
He loved the full-on Italian operas (often called 'heavy opera') and he was in his element when he was on stage. I fondly recall the times when I used to see him on stage at the Victoria Rooms in Clifton, Bristol - and I especially remember him having this great sword fight in one opera. I thought it was great! He was generally a quiet man, but that certainly changed when he was singing!

I have to admit that I've never been a great opera fan, nevertheless, I've come to really appreciate some of the music and Arias from various opera's due to my Dad's influence. And now more than ever, I can really appreciate the wonderful, powerful, beautiful voice that God graciously graced my father with....though it's hard to listen to, due to the emotions that it inevitably brings.
Anyhow, on this page you will find the following:

Jukebox that contains various archive recordings of my Dad. These are live opera and concert excerpts covering the period from 1960 to 1989. The quality of some of the recordings are a little below par because they were not professionally taped. I hope to be able to add a few more classic renditions to this selection if they are made available to me.

There are also some links to two
Galleries that contain various archive pictures of my Dad and his performances, as well as newspaper clippings, reviews, and other archive memorabilia. Further information about his involvement with the Bristol Opera Company is given in a brief biography.

There are also some archive video extracts of some of his operatic performances on the
Youtube Player below, arranged as a montage.

I hope that many will continue to enjoy the voice of Clive Watts through this site, just as thousands of people did in the past.
My father and mother in about 1960
The original inlay card of the tape from which most of these recordings were taken is shown in Gallery One
Taken from YouTube:

Archive extracts of tenor opera singer, the late Clive Watts, filmed in the 1980's by the Bristol Opera Company, England. Shown in honour of him & to preserve the memory of his vocal performances.
B. 1933 D. 1990

The footage was originally filmed on VHS video tape and was not professionally done, therefore, the audio/video quality of some portions are not too good.
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