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Here's the original 1996 theatrical trailer for Dragonheart
Dragonheart is a wonderful fantasy adventure film, filled with action, humour and a great message. I love a good 'swords and sandals' or 'swords and armour' type of movie. This one is set in Celtic England, around the end of the 10th Century AD, in a mythical atmosphere of King Arthur and Camelot - and also dragons! The special effects are brilliant, along with a moving musical score. It also has a great cast and stars the late great Pete Postlethwaite as a travelling friar/monk, David Thewlis, Dennis Quaid and the voice of the great Sean Connery.

Dennis Quaid plays a knight called Bowen, who is a knight of the Old Code. He is mentor to the future king, Prince Einon. When the young King Einon is fatally injured, he is brought before a revered dragon, later named Draco (voiced by the legendary Sean Connery), who gives half of his heart to Einon so he may live. They are bonded in life and death, but Einon grows into an evil monarch (Thewlis).

Bowen becomes a dragonslayer and eventually meets Draco, who is the last remaining dragon. They then become friends, which is rather heart-warming actually. Bowen is then persuaded to renew his ancient vows of the Old Code, and to lead an uprising against King Einon. But alas! - for Einon's evil to die, a great sacrifice has to be made.

The story goes that the dragons were once placed over humanity to protect them, and the only way for a dragon to enter their heaven is by good acts. Draco then sacrifices himself to kill the evil of Einon, and by doing so, enters the dragons heaven, located in the stars.
As mythical as this may be, it nevertheless contains much truth, particularly that which pertains to the spiritual Kingdom of God. And also, in the same way as Draco sacrifices himself for the sake of others, to destroy the evil king, so also Jesus sacrificed himself for the sake of all, that sin and death will eventually be vanquished, along with the prince of darkness (and I don't mean Ozzy Osbourne!)

The Old Code is very much a summary of the characteristics of a righteous man, in accordance with the laws of the Old Covenant in Scripture. In the New Testament, this is
spiritually personified in Christ. Here is the Code:

'A knight is sworn to valour, His heart knows only virtue,
His blade defends the helpless, His might upholds the weak,
His word speaks only truth, His wrath undoes the wicked'

This is not unlike the figurative image of Christ in the vision of Revelation 19:11-21, although the 'sword of his mouth' is not the physical blade of men, but the blade of the Spirit that carries all authority and power to rule over his enemies.

There's a good quote from the film in relation to the king and the Code.

Einon: "The king is above the Code"
Bowen: "No one is above the Code - especially the king"

This is truth on the highest level...for even Jesus had to 'follow the code' and fulfill the Law of God in every sense. And only then could he be victorious! It's interesting, but in the Bible the dragon is usually symbolic of Satan, the great spiritual adversary, yet this can be turned on its head here to represent Christ! The true heart of Draco the dragon is ultimately revealed as being one of love, honour and justice - through self-sacrifice.