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Here's the original 1993 theatrical trailer for Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day (1993) is a great movie. I laugh out loud every time I see it - which has been quite a few times now! I think it's a very funny, yet touching, film, loaded with meaning.

Phil Connors (played by Bill Murray, who is on top form in this rom-com) is a weatherman, who is sent on an annual trip to Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania, USA, to report on the traditional winter holiday of Groundhog Day. He hates it! He's also accompanied by a cameraman, and his new producer, beautiful Rita (Andie MacDowell). Due to a blizzard, they then have to stay an extra night in Punx.

From the moment Phil gets up at 6.00 AM the following morning, he realises that everything is very familiar - till he finally realises that it's still Groundhog Day! Somehow he's stuck in a time warp, and he has to re-live the same day over and over again - a day he detests!
In the midst of much humour, there are also some very poignant scenes. Phil finally reaches a point where he virtually goes insane and tries to commit suicide - many times, as not even death can stop him waking up at 6.00 AM on Groundhog Day! He eventually tries to convince Rita of his predicament, by showing her his knowledge of every detail of that day.

At this point he begins to change for the better. He makes use of the day by reading, learning the piano, helping people, and even saving people from accidents. He becomes loving, kind, generous, sensitive, creative & productive - and generally more likeable! And when Rita takes an interest in him, his 'errands' take priority! But eventually his dreams come true, bringing freedom - and he gets the girl!

For me, the movie paints a very clear picture of the contrasts between the lusts of the flesh and the fruit of the Spirit. The flesh - in sin, self & rebellion - leads to darkness, despair and death, yet the Spirit leads to love, life and freedom - and real lasting happiness and joy!

There is so much in this film that could be highlighted, but a few quotes below will suffice. I have to admit that there are many things here that I can relate to, more than I could say - in both the darkness and the light. And due to the love of God and the transforming power of Christ, who brings purpose, healing and hope, I can laugh at it all now!
It's fascinating to watch the change he goes through as the same days roll by. He starts out as a selfish, arrogant, egotistical, bitter, sarcastic man. All he's focused on is himself and what he wants. Once he has got used to being stuck in the same day, he increasingly becomes reckless, lawless, heartless, manipulative and self-indulgent! He truly lives out the saying 'eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die!'

One of my favourite scenes is where Phil begins to lose it and to not care what he does anymore when he realises that there aren't any consequences because the same day will start all over again in the morning! He takes over the driving duties in a car belonging to two drunk 'drinking buddies' and begins driving recklessly and erratically, knocking things over - and even playing chicken with a freight train. With the police giving chase, he eventually crashes and comes to a stop. When a policemen approaches the car, he looks out the window and casually says, "Yeah...uh...three cheeseburgers, two large fries...uh...two chocolate shakes & one large coke..." and one of the drunks adds "and some flapjacks." Brilliant! I crack up laughing every time I see this...and even when I think about it! There's nothing like a bit of off-the-wall insanity once in a while!

He also meets many interesting characters over time - check out Ned Ryarson, the insurance salesman, Bing! - and he has to deal with them every day in virtually the same situations.

He eventually goes after Rita, manipulating and deceiving her, as he's only after one thing! But time and again he fails. This leads him to a place of complete despair. He becomes increasingly depressed and hopeless, without any purpose for living.
Phil on the phone: "What if there's no tomorrow? There wasn't one today!"
The movie ends with a cool song by Nat King Cole, Almost Like Being In Love. Great song, great lyrics!

You can listen to it on the Jukebox player.
In a bar talking to two men. After Phil recounts a wonderful day he once had:

Phil: "That was a pretty good day. Why couldn't I get that day over and over and over...What would you do if you were stuck in one place, and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered?"

Man: "That sums it up for me!"

Other man, later in the car: "If there's no tomorrow, there would be no consequences. We could do whatever we want."
In the Café with Rita. After thinking he's an immortal god, he shows Rita his knowledge of everyone.

: "Is this some kind of trick?"

Phil: "Well maybe the real God uses tricks. Maybe He's not omnipotent, He's just been
around so long, He knows everything!"