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I recorded the following music albums during the early 1990's. A selection of most of these songs are on the jukebox below. There are also some pictures of the original inlay cassette cards in the photo gallery further down, which can be printed off, to go along with the free MP3 downloads. Further information on these albums and my musical history is given below.

Here's the track listing.
The City - Gerry Watts (1990)

Track Listing:

1. You'll Never Leave Me
2. Let Me Out
3. Jesus
4. Sometimes
5. The City
6. Intro to Sing to the Lord
7. Sing To The Lord
Rushing Waters - Gerry Watts (1993)

Track Listing: (* featuring Geraldine Lattey)

1. Dance for the King*
2. Help the Little Ones
3. I Belong*
4. O Jerusalem
5. Return of the King
6. Peace*
7. Love is
8. Living Water
Christmastime - Gerry Watts (1993)

Track Listing: (* featuring Geraldine Lattey)

1. Christmastime
2. Loving U*
3. Fly with the Wind
4. The Cross
The music is quite varied really, from slow ballads to more up-tempo songs, but it could all be described as Contemporary Christian Music (Pop genre).

Rushing Waters was reviewed in Cross Rhythms magazine during the early 90's with a very positive and favourable review (considering it was reviewed by Tony Cummings, known for his sometimes harsh criticism). I've had numerous reports from those who have been greatly blessed by these albums.

I am a singer/songwriter (though somewhat in abeyance at present due to ill-health), who used to be a drummer in various rock bands around Bristol. Some of the bands that I was in during the 1980's were Lazarus, Breathless, Rebel X, Metropolis DC and Xit Visa. I also play the keyboard a little, and I used to play the cello many years ago in a youth orchestra. I also used to play drums at a regular praise and worship event in the Chew Valley area called Chew Valley Praise.
For various reasons, my music has become secondary to my teaching ministry, but I hope to be able to record a new album on CD sometime, as I already have some material written.

There are a number of other local artists and musicians on these albums including Geraldine Lattey, Colin Andrews, Phil Glover, Paul Taylor, Dave Dickerson, Sam Hearle, Ian Davies and Rick Kerby. (At this time, I'm not sure if all of them are still involved with music, though).

Not only will you find a large selection of my music on the jukebox below, but there's also a collection of some 'archive' pictures in the photo gallery. Also, I've finally been able to transfer the video of my drum solo, which was recorded in the late 1980's during an Xit Visa gig at Keynsham near Bristol. You can view that on the media player below. Enjoy!
Oh...just a few words about some of the songs on the jukebox. During the recording of my first album The City in 1990, I experienced the tragic death of my father, Clive Watts, when he subsequently died of a massive heart attack at age 56. He was an excellent tenor opera singer and had performed with the Bristol Opera Company for over 30 years. (Check out his music page in this section).

In the closing portion of the song Sing to the Lord, I sing in the Spirit, from the depths of my heart, to honour my father, and I did it with the best tenor voice I could. And the piano Introduction to this song by Sam Hearle is just so beautiful! Outstanding Sam!

All of these songs were written by me during some times of real trial and heartache, and some of that shows through in the music and the lyrics. The City is very much a personal worship album really - and I didn't hold back in expressing unashamedly how much my faith, and my love of God and His Son, meant to me at that time - and of course, it still means everything to me. Only those who have experienced the spiritual love of our heavenly Father could understand how a man can sing about loving God and Jesus Christ in such a manner. To most others, it just seems plain weird!
Lazarus Band

There's also the song Lazarus on the jukebox, which was a demo song that I wrote for the first Christian heavy rock band that I was in (called Lazarus) at age 16, recorded in 1983! There's also some original 'demo' photos in the gallery below, along with a copy of the simple original demo inlay card!

This band was formed in the early 1980's at Counterslip Baptist Church, Bristol, originally with four members of the youth group and a mate of mine from school. It was my first serious(!) attempt at writing and playing rock music, and I think it was the same for the other guys too. I was the youngest in the band by just a smidgen. After one or two gigs, and for reasons I can't quite remember (my memory is a little rusty) we became a three-piece band, and this is when we recorded the demo.

If I can recall correctly, our original keyboard player/vocalist, Vadim, popped into the studio and helped out with some additional backing vocals on the
Lazarus track. Vadim Jean, as he's now known, has gone on to be a respected film and tv writer/director.
In this photo gallery you'll find the following: the original inlay cards for my albums The City, Rushing Waters & Christmastime; some Lazarus pics; some publicity photos of Xit Visa; and some 1980's memorabilia of me, my drums, my motorbike and my hair! The quality of these images are not great, and you'll need to click on the images to view the 'inlay cards' clearly in another window.
Drum Solo by Gerry Watts (about 1988/89)
This was the only drum solo I ever performed publicly, and it was put together pretty much off the cuff.
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