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Here's the original 1986 theatrical trailer for Highlander
The general theme of the original Highlander movie (1986) is that there are a 'race' of certain individuals who are chosen to be 'immortals' who battle it out down through the ages of time. They can only die if they are decapitated in battle by another immortal warrior. Some of these guys are full of darkness, while others are 'good.' They each have to fight each other until the time of the Gathering, when there can remain only One to receive the Prize (or something like that).

The film focuses on a particular Scottish Highlander, Connor, and his battle with the evil immortal, The Kurgen. The story flashes back and forth between the clans of the Middle Ages and the present day (to be precise, 1980's America).

The dominant line throughout the film is "There can be only One!" This refers to the final immortal who alone can gain the Prize of the ultimate Quickening - that of great power, knowledge and understanding to help rule the world with Light.

The sequel
The Quickening was not as good as the original film (to be honest, pretty awful really), and as far as any other sequels are concerned, including the television series, I haven't seen them. The original movie stands alone. The additional bonus in the first film is that of Sean Connery playing Christopher Lambert's mentor and sword-teacher, Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez!
Although there is much in this film that reflects the true spiritual heavenly battle that has been taking place down through the ages, being loaded with spiritual metaphors, I do feel that the ending could have been better, showing a more worthwhile purpose to 'the Prize' of being given great power and perception.

And it is also very evident that these 'immortals' are not really immortal at all, in the true sense of the word of enjoying deathlessness, because they can die if their heads are lopped off! They do appear immortal, though, because they live such a long time, and not much will kill them!

Anyhow, besides some flaws and plot-holes, I still think this is a good film, particularly when viewed in the spirit. Those who are familiar with New Testament teaching will, I'm sure, see some of the parallels already. If not, I'll let the Spirit show you rather than explain it all. As Morpheus said to Neo in
The Matrix - "FREE YOUR MIND"
What really makes this movie for me is the great soundtrack by the rock band, Queen. The opening sequence of the film is classic. After Sean Connery narrates a little, Queen burst in with 'Here we are, born to be kings, we're the Princes of the universe' - a great song, full of meaningful lyrics when viewed on a spiritual level in accord with NT teaching! You can hear it on the jukebox.