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Here's the original 1989 theatrical trailer for Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
As I have already talked about my love of the Indiana Jones movies on the Raiders of the Lost Ark page, I will not repeat myself here. My favourite Indiana Jones films are Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and The Last Crusade (1989) - and The Last Crusade is probably my favourite one out of them all. The addition of Sean Connery as Indy's father certainly adds further class and it also gives the film some great humorous moments between Indy (Harrison Ford) and his father.

There are some wonderful moments in this movie, but what I like the most are the scenes where Indy has to face the three death-defying challenges so he can save his father who's been shot. Of course, he is victorious! And the healing water that cures him is loaded with spiritual meaning, as the Bible speaks a lot about healing, living water, ultimately symbolising the healing power of God's Spirit. Yet even now, pure water can have a powerful cleansing, life-giving effect - so maybe in the ages to come, water might be given the properties of healing!

I have to say that if immortality meant being confined to a cave in the desert, drinking from an old cup to keep you alive - like in the movie - then forget it! Thank God that true immortality is something way better than we could ever imagine. According to Scripture, and the testimony of the Apostles, God and his Son, Christ Jesus, are the only ones who inherently have immortality - yet streams of living water are already flowing out to all those who believe in Jesus and his teaching, leading to eternal Life!
Here's some significant quotes from the movie:

Dr Henry Jones, Indy's father, as he is drawing the stained-glass window in his diary: "May He who illuminated this illuminate me."

The Three Challenges:

Indy: "The Breath of God - only the penitent man will pass... A penitent
man is humble before God."

The Word of God - only in the footsteps of God may
he proceed...

The Name of God - Jehovah"
Hit Play to listen to the classic Indy theme tune
"The Path of God - only the leap from the lion's head will he prove his worth...It's a leap of faith."

His father to Indy, as he faces the last challenge: "You must believe."

Later, outside the collapsed ruins:

Indy: "What did you find Dad?"
Indy's Dad: "Me?...Illumination!"