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Here's the original 1981 theatrical trailer for Raiders of The Lost Ark
I love a good adventure movie (what boy - or grown-up man - doesn't) and the Indiana Jones movies are right up my street! Actually, there are many girls and grown-up women who like these films too! I know my Mum does, and my aunty Marge - though they hate the snake and rat bits!

There's something about the East that attracts me too, which probably has to do with the sunshine and the spectacular ancient ruins that grace many a landscape - particularly Egypt and the Middle East.

There's also something about hunting for archaeological treasures that is quite fascinating - being a Sherlock Holmes of archaeology. In fact, studying the Bible requires a bit of detective work, putting the pieces together - its treasures are infinite!

I think
Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) has become such a classic adventure film with universal appeal for a number of reasons, not least because Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were at the helm! One reason is due to the tongue-in-cheek impossible situations that Indy finds himself in, battling the villains and ancient booby-traps - and inevitably escaping from them all.

With great action, a little bit of romance, good overcoming evil; along with some humour, great characters & good locations - not to mention another memorable musical score from John Williams - Raiders of the Lost Ark is a thoroughly enjoyable action adventure movie.
Nevertheless, leaving aside the entertainment value, one of the main reasons as to why I like this particular Indy movie is its theme of the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark (or Coffer) was a very important part of the ancient worship of Yahweh, the God of Israel, in the Tabernacle and in the later Temple, the Ark having been originally made by the Israelites in the time of Moses.

Even though the film mixes elements of biblical truth with superstitious legend and Egyptian mythology, it still focuses on the Ark as a symbol of God's power and presence - although the overall impression that the film leaves you with is that the power of the Ark is somewhat magical rather than Divine. The downside to this is that the Ark and its 'power' is placed in the realm of pure fantasy and myth, rather than being presented as historical fact.

Of course, the supernatural aspects of the biblical account cannot be scientifically verified, so some would automatically say that these 'miraculous' aspects of the biblical story are therefore in the realm of myth anyhow. Only by faith can we believe in such power.

This mixing of fiction and fact has become very popular in recent years in such works as
The Da Vinci Code and others. Historical fact is fused with fiction to produce a compelling story - and sometimes even the 'facts' in these novels are not very accurate! It all makes for a good read though.
Hit Play to listen to the classic Indy theme tune
• the discovery and opening of the snake-infested tomb, which had been 'holding' the Ark for so long - accompanied by lots of thunder - followed by Indy's battle with the snakes after being shut in!

• the part where Belloq says to Indy: "
We are simply passing through history. This (pointing at the Ark)..this IS history"

• & the 'divine' burning of the Nazi swastika on the wooden crate holding the Ark
Going back to the movie, I love the powerful ending, where 'destroying spirits' and the heavenly 'power of God' wipe out the Nazi army and the villain Belloq, who at the time was impersonating the role of the Chief Priest of Israel.

There are many memorable moments for me in this film, but here are just a few that are somewhat significant,
By the way, to really appreciate films like this one, ideally they need to be seen in widescreen!