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This music page is about inspirational songs that are not necessarily 'gospel' songs. On the Jukebox you'll find a specific selection of some of my favourite songs taken from a variety of various artists and groups. They are mostly 'secular' pop songs & ballads but I consider these tracks to be very inspirational and uplifting. I'm often spiritually blessed by 'secular' songs just as much as 'gospel' songs - in fact, sometimes more so! I believe that that which is of the world can be spiritually reclaimed and transformed by the kingdom of God so that "making music in your heart to God" and "singing spiritual songs with gratitude" can be applied to some so-called 'secular' music. And because I can have occasional moments of being a little dark, cynical and pessimistic, I need plenty of uplifting!!

To get the most out of these songs, you'll need to hear the lyrics with spiritual eyes (now that's a mixed metaphor if ever there was one!). You know what I mean? As a follower of Christ, a disciple's mind can be transformed by a spiritual renewing process that liberates the heart and mind from the shackles of the flesh and the world. The things of life begin to look rather different, and we begin to hear things differently also. This doesn't mean that there aren't any boundaries in life between the sacred and the profane, it's just that through the cross of Christ all things can be redeemed. Every thought can be taken captive to become a part of the kingdom of God. God loves to turn things around - even having the power to turn evil into good!
Anyhow, I'm digressing slightly! If you're a spiritual person, every song here can be applied to the personal walk of faith in this life in one way or another, with its struggles and blessings. The songs mainly focus on love, faith, hope, encouragement through trials, etc. Like many songs, some of these focus on the romantic love between a man and woman, particularly of the intimate love shared in marriage.

Now, being a bit of a romantic (well....sometimes, when the mood takes me), and a very sensitive chap, I can be a sucker for sentimental love songs - even if they're a little cheesy or soppy! I confess that I can be easily affected by such songs (though there are some that can make me cringe). Yet for me the real issue is whether I think it's a good song. Does it give me goose bumps or move me to tears, or does it cause me to punch the air with an inspired, ecstatic "Yes"? Does it touch my heart and lift me up when I'm down in 'gloomy town'?
Ultimately, whichever way one looks at these songs, they're all about love, faith and hope - and human experience with its highs and lows, its struggles and its victories! It's ultimately about relationship, fellowship and friendship - whether with God or one another. It's about the Journey of Life and the Miracle of Creation.

I hope you'll be blessed and uplifted by these tunes - and there's some great guitar solos in there if you like that kind of thing. So brew up a tea or a coffee and just sit back and relax - and be inspired! God can speak His love to you in numerous ways. Love is God & God is Love.

You'll find some good love songs here, which can also be taken in a purely spiritual sense; that is, these songs can be applied to the love of Christ for His people and vice versa. Love has many forms - and contrary to what the world says, it's not all about fornicating!
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Last Updated: 12/03/2016