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The following links are either to sites that I have found very helpful in one way or another, (enough for me to support them with a link here), or they belong to those I have corresponded with that, in some areas, have similar beliefs as myself, some of whom I personally know.

The list is quite selective, but some of these sites have pages supplying numerous links to many other good sites and various resources. I've added some thoughts and comments where appropriate. As much as I don't like 'labels' I've tried to group the links into categories for convenience. See my
Prophetic Plan section above for links relating to Biblical Eschatology/Prophecy.

Of course, I do not necessarily accept everything taught on these sites, and there is a mixture of various doctrinal viewpoints. For many years, I accepted the doctrine of Biblical Universalism (aka Universal Reconciliation) and my own site was largely centered around this view. Since around January 2013 (although the process was going on months before that), I have arrived at the conclusion that I can no longer teach the doctrine of dogmatic Universalism, as I no longer believe this view to be biblically correct. To understand my reasons for this change, see newer articles in the section The Big Questions. I have still devoted a section to Biblical Universalism below listing some sites of interest.

So I leave it up to you, the 'searcher,' to discern for yourself as to what you accept as truth. Hopefully, there's a broad spectrum of material here on a variety of subjects to cause one to think bigger!
The Riddleblog - Dr Kim Riddlebarger. Some good resources from the Reformed Covenant Theology perspective, with a focus on Eschatology (Last Days). I would agree with a large portion of Kim's teaching. I would recommend his book A Case For Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times. I would also recommend the book that Riddlebarger often quotes from - The Bible and the Future by the late Anthony Hoekema.
Christian Universalism
Associates for Scriptural Knowledge -
The writings of Ernest L. Martin and David Sielaff
The Concordant Publishing Concern -
Publishers of the Concordant Literal New Testament. Though I was greatly influenced by the teachings of A. E. Knoch and the CPC for a time, I no longer accept their general viewpoint. The Concordant translation though is still a helpful tool for Bible study.
Reformed Covenant Theology (widely speaking!)
Tentmaker Ministries - Gary Amirault

God's Kingdom Ministries - Dr Stephen E. Jones

Choir of Heretics - Ken Barber
God's Golden Knight - Mark Farquharson
Articles/Online Books
A Short History of Universal Reconciliation by Dr Stephen E. Jones

I met Stephen a few times and visited his home when he was living near Seattle during my visits to the US in 1995-96. He has been blessed with much knowledge and understanding, especially concerning the Divine Law and Typology. He leans very heavily toward the beliefs of Israel Identity/Manifest Sons/Universal Restoration (though I hate putting people in boxes and giving them labels - sorry Stephen!). I greatly value his knowledge and insight, even though fundamentally, I do not accept all of his views.

The Judgments of the Divine Law by Dr Stephen E. Jones - This short book holds the view that God's Kingdom will bring about Universal Restoration in accordance with God's righteousness and love. Included is a very useful chapter looking at the views of some of the 'Early Church Fathers' on human destiny.
The Early Christian View of The Saviour - A very informative and enlightening article about Universalism in the early centuries of the Church by Gary Amirault (Tentmaker website).
Christian Zionism
Christian Charities
Stephen Sizer - I came across Stephen's site in March 2008. He is becoming well known for his strong stance against Christian Zionism and the system of Dispensationalism. I was excited to discover that my own findings and beliefs in recent years, and my eventual rejection of Dispensationalism, reflected in my revised writings, were confirmed by what I read in Stephen's articles. My views are very much in accord with Stephen's teaching. I would highly recommend his book Zion's Christian Soldiers? The Bible, Israel and the Church.
The Struggle for the Birthright - This is an online book by Dr Stephen E. Jones available on his website God's Kingdom Ministries. This book contains a lot of historical and spiritual information concerning the descendants of Jacob and Esau, and the roots of modern Zionism and the State of Israel.
Articles/Online Books
Metro Ministries - The incredible work of Bill Wilson amongst the poor children of New York and other areas of the world.

Release International: The Voice of the Persecuted Church - A UK based Christian charity that supports persecuted Christians from around the world. One of the main acts of monetary giving in the Early Church was supporting fellow believers in genuine need, particularly due to persecution.

Stepping Stones Nigeria - A UK based charity (now called Safe Child Africa) helping the persecuted children of Africa, particularly those branded as witches by 'pastors' and shamans. This organisation is not overtly Christian, but ironically they are doing the work of Jesus by helping the poor and oppressed - those being, shockingly, the innocent children abused by 'christian' pastors and their flock!
N. T. Wright Resource Page - Numerous resources relating to Tom Wright, one of the world's leading biblical scholars who is now Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the School of Divinity, University of St Andrews in Scotland. From what I've heard or read of his work so far, I am very much in agreement with his views on many biblical subjects.
Free Web Headers
The Gospel & Human Destiny
Francis Chan - His book Erasing Hell overall presents a scripturally-balanced view on human destiny, though I don't agree with his final conclusion
Bible-Researcher - Resources on the traditional doctrine of Hell & other views such as Annihilationism
Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry Jr. - Emphasis on Postmillennialism & Partial Preterism
Last Updated: 01/12/2016
Edward Fudge - Author of The Fire That Consumes that presents the teaching of Conditional Immortality/Annihilationism. This is the view I presently hold.
Dr. Michael S. Heiser - Biblical scholar specialising in ancient Near Eastern culture. A wealth of fascinating info on many important topics, particularly his insight into the Genesis creation texts, the heavenly Divine Council of the Elohim, & Jewish Binatarianism.
Alpha & Omega Ministries - Dr James R. White, renowned Christian apologist
The Case for Conditional Immortality by J.W. Wenham

Rethinking Hell - Exploring Evangelical Conditionalism
Hellbound the Movie - Resources on all views on Hell