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The pages below contain personal interpretation of selected movies as seen from a spiritual perspective. It must be noted that this is not necessarily the view of the writers, directors or actors who were involved in these movies

Gerry Watts

Here is a list of some of my all-time favourite movies. The list is selective to highlight how I view things from a spiritual perspective. Some are more special to me than others, but all of them have made some impact on my spiritual life in various ways - besides being great entertainment! I would recommend all of them. I would always advise viewing a film, though, with spiritual 5-D specs on! - and in widescreen format if possible. The pages below contain movie quotes, pictures, music and some trailers. Most of the pages here that existed on the previous site have been completely redesigned, expanded and updated.

For those of you who are interested in my views in regard to Christians watching controversial movies and television, you can read my article Christians and Entertainment in the Archives section, which openly addresses some key issues, without going to extremes, that many Christians shy away from or fail to address.

Take note that a couple of these films below are rated 15 in the UK.
Joe Versus the Volcano


Aladdin (yes - the Walt Disney one!)


Dances With Wolves


Dead Poets Society

The Ten Commandments

Groundhog Day

Field Of Dreams

Star Wars Trilogy

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
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