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Welcome to the music page. Below you'll find some links to some of my favourite artists, both Christian and secular, whom I would highly recommend for some refreshing and inspiring tunes - an oasis in a dry desert.

Obviously I can only recommend that which I've got myself in my CD/vinyl collection, and that's not necessarily everything each artist has recorded! I'll be a little selective. I don't continue to follow
all of these artists with every current release, so more recent albums may not always be mentioned. Check out the website links for up-to-date info on each artist or group if you're interested.

My musical taste is quite varied really, ranging from Heavy Rock/Classic Rock to Pop to Classical to Inspirational. I am also a singer/musician/songwriter, and over the years I have played the cello and drums, as well as some keyboard and guitar playing, along with recording my own material as a singer (see my own link below where there are some samples of my albums).
Music is a powerful form of communication, and can be used for good or not-so-good. All music is saying something, even without lyrics, but above all, music is to be enjoyed as a wonderful gift from our Creator.

Many Christians are caught up in the religious notion that all modern music, particularly 'secular' music, is 'of the devil'. It's sad to say that I was deluded into this belief for many years when I was younger, but having said that, I was also being greatly influenced in a negative way by the music I was 'in to,' so I did need a bit of a break from it! (At the time, in a state of religious madness, I even got rid of a large portion of my record collection thinking it would cleanse me and make me more holy! It was a popular thing to do back then. I now wish that I still had most of it).

It is true that, at face value, most modern music glories in the lusts of the flesh and some music, I believe, can have demonic influence, seeking to hypnotise and seduce people into darkness. I certainly do not condone the typical 'rock 'n' roll lifestyle' (even though I kinda lived it out myself in my late teens), and the negative influence of certain lifestyles can come over in the lyrics and music of many secular artists. Therefore, I would say that caution is needed in relation to what we listen to, particularly for young believers who may be influenced negatively.
Nevertheless, there is much to do with human experience in a lot of music, with the joys and the pain, some of it being very philosophical! Many songwriters and artists are crying out for the truth, and some are very near to it!

I believe that it's a personal matter of spiritual maturity, as to whether music is seen to be of God or 'of the devil'; or positive or negative. For those who know that God is truly sovereign, and that His grace and love really brings freedom, these will see that all things are for our enjoyment, viewed through the eyes of His Spirit. God's truth is everywhere - we just need eyes to see it.

But even in this, the saying still applies that...

'One man's food is another man's poison' if something offends you or has a negative impact or you just don't plain like it - then don't listen to it! But don't judge others if they are OK with it. The real issue is how we live - by the Spirit. I have to say that I have been moved in spirit just as much by certain rock songs as by Christian worship music! God really does move in mysterious ways - and He really loves to break the religious spirit that so often binds His people. Our perceptions of God can really be skewed at times!
In recent years, I've had a new leash of life through listening to various kinds of music - some old, some new. In this section, you will find a selection of some of the songs that have made a spiritual (and sometimes emotional) impression on me, not just from Christian artists but 'secular' artists as well (as viewed in the light of spiritual truth, not necessarily the intent of the writer or artist).
This section is a work in progress, so check back occasionally. Most of the pages here that existed on the previous site have been completely redesigned, expanded and updated.

The Music Jukebox on each page below has a number of basic controls on it, such as, a volume slider, play/stop button, previous track and next track buttons, as well as a small 'shuffle' button so that you can change the playlist order. You can also choose a particular track by clicking on it in the playlist. Access the Player by clicking on it first.
Gerry Watts - some of my own recordings
Clive Watts - A page in honour of, and in remembrance of, my father who was a well-known tenor opera singer - and an excellent one at that - here in the West country and Wales (his birthplace)
Michael W Smith


Amy Grant

Various Inspirational Songs