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Last Updated: 03/02/2012
Features 3 new tracks from Michael's latest 'pop' album Wonder (2010); also the majestic track The Great Day from the album Music Inspired by The Story (2011) sung with Darlene Zschech
This page is dedicated to one of my favourite Christian artists, Michael W. Smith, whom I have been blessed to see in concert twice - once in the USA, and once in London.

When I saw MWS in concert when I was in the USA in 1995, I was so impressed with his music and talent, and also his sincerity of heart, that I rapidly began to collect his albums. Having been a musician and singer-songwriter myself, I was amazed at his God-given talent as a singer-songwriter and as a musician, particularly his keyboard/piano ability.

He has become one of the biggest CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) artists in America, and that reputation is catching on around the UK and the world. Yet the thing that I admire the most is his simple message - Love God, love others - 'Live the Life'.

His music covers many different styles and range of emotions, as well as dealing with a variety of topics, but all of it is from a biblical world-view. Virtually every song/track has that special something (well, for me that is, as everyone has different tastes). In more recent years, his music has been largely focused on praise and worship-type material, with live albums such as
Worship (2001), Worship Again (2002) and A New Hallelujah (2008).
As much as I like good praise and worship songs, particular as a lot of modern ones are very 'contemporary,' and these albums of his are excellent and very moving and powerful - I have to say, though, that I prefer his rock/pop stuff. For me, some of his best albums are Live The Life (1998), This is Your Time (1999), Healing Rain (2004) & Wonder (2010). The album Stand (2006) was a kind-of crossover album between praise & worship and pop, and this is my least favourite album of his in recent years, though it still contains some good songs.

His back catalogue of albums is rather large and varied, and the earlier ones from the 1980's are obviously very different from the later ones. He's also released some majestic orchestral works, namely
Freedom (2000) and Glory (2011), as well as some great Christmas albums, particularly Christmastime and It's A Wonderful Christmas. It seems to me that almost anything that Michael W. Smith touches (musically speaking) drips quality, though it also needs to be said that he is usually surrounded by a great host of other very talented musicians and songwriters.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the selection of MWS music on this page - and please explore the links below.
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Check out the Healing Rain music video (and others) on MichaelWSmithVEVO on YouTube (you can skip the annoying adverts if you choose!)