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Introduction to the Parables

1. The Sower

2. The Wheat and the Darnel

3. The Mustard Seed

4. The Leaven

5. The Hidden Treasure & The Precious Pearl

6. The Net of Fish

7. The Grain Seed

8. The Fig Tree

9. The Vineyard Farmers (or Tenants)

10. The Wedding Feast & The Great Feast

11. The Wise and Foolish Virgins

12. The Wise and Foolish Servants

13. The Talents & The Minas

14. The Sheep and The Goats (Including The Rich Man and Lazarus)

15. The Shepherd and His Sheep

16. The Vine and Its Branches

17. The Kingdom of Heaven and the Millennial Reign

(also 18. The Hidden Prophecies of the Seven Feasts to be added)

This book was originally written in stages as individual articles from 2004-2009. It was published as a complete E-book in 2009 in PDF format. As of August 2013, I have begun to re-publish the book as separate pdf's in a newly revised edition available below. I may also release it as a printed book in the future (God willing), with the addition of a new chapter on The Hidden Prophecies Of The Seven Feasts revealing the typological and historical fulfillment of the Feasts of the Lord.

The Secrets Of The Parables, I consider in quite some detail the various aspects of some of the key parables that Jesus taught concerning the subject of the kingdom of heaven, particularly as it related to the nation of Israel and the end of the Old Covenant system, and the new establisment of Christ's spiritual kingdom. I also consider the enduring spiritual elements that are layered throughout Jesus' teaching that still apply today.

The original appendix entitled
The Kingdom of Heaven & the Millennial Reign has now been completely rewritten as an additional chapter (Dec. 2014). The whole subject of prophecy is also interlaced throughout the book, being viewed from a Consistent Premillennial Preterist perspective, with an emphasis on the context of Jesus' hebraic teaching in 1st century Palestine, and the uniqueness of the era leading up to 70 AD.
Original PDF Version Copyright © Gerry Watts 2009
Newly Revised Edition (as pdf separates) 2013-2015
Table 1: References to the Last Times, etc

Table 2: Two Ages/Two Realities/Two Qualities

Table 3: Time Indicators in the Book of Revelation

Two Ages/Two Realities Timeline Chart

The Three Phases of Satan's Defeat Timeline Chart