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Studies on the books of Daniel and Revelation, Jesus' Olivet Discourse, and Biblical prophecy in general
Introduction To Prophetic Studies by Gerry Watts
Originally published in 2006; newly revised Nov 2011
The Visions of Daniel: The Great Image and the Four Beasts (pdf) by Gerry Watts
Originally published in 2 parts in 2006; revised 2008; revised w/endnotes Jan 2012
Topic: The Five World-wide Kingdoms, the Fourth Kingdom of Rome and the Little Horn; and the Kingdom of Heaven
Another Look at the Ten Horns and the Little Horn of Daniel 7 (pdf) by Gerry Watts
Originally published in 2008; expanded w/ endnotes Jan. 2012
Topic: An updated study taking a more in-depth look at Daniel chapters 7 & 2 which were considered in The Visions of Daniel: The Great Image and the Four Beasts, particularly taking into account the events of the 1st century AD
The Vision of the Ram and the He-Goat (pdf) by Gerry Watts
Originally published in 2007; revised 2010
Topic: Persia, Greece and Alexander the Great, the Seleucids and Antiochus IV Epiphanes, Rome and Herod the king
Gog of the Land of Magog and the Battle for Jerusalem: Fulfilled or Unfulfilled? (pdf)
The Restoration of Israel and the so-called Ten Lost Tribes (pdf) by Gerry Watts
The Day of the Lord, The Royal Appearing: Part 1 (pdf) by Gerry Watts
by Gerry Watts
The Works of Flavius Josephus

Information on Antiochus IV Epiphanes

The Athanasian Creed and the Early Church: Clearly Amillennial by Martin R. Bachicha
Partial Preterist Archive - A wealth of information on Historical Preterism (aka Partial Preterism) which also confirms some of my own findings. I hasten to add that I do not accept the modern 'Full-Preterist' position that rejects the belief in a coming Consummation, though I regard highly the work of James Stuart Russell in The Parousia.
The Seventy Weeks by Philip Mauro - This book helped to open my eyes to some things in relation to Daniel's seventy weeks and Jesus' Olivet Discourse. Before I read this book, the fog of Dispensationalism had been clouding my understanding, but thankfully I never stop searching for truth.
Fred P. Miller's Homepage - There is a wealth of good historical information here and a couple of online books that highlight the Historicist interpretation of the vision of Revelation. It helps to clear up some of the fog of 'Dispensational interpretation' of prophecy that has become so popular, particularly in relation to modern Israel prophecies. My fresh understanding of some prophetic texts were confirmed to me when I discovered this site.
Temple Mount Website - For those who are interested in the subject of the Temples in Jerusalem and Temple Mount archaeology, this site has a wealth of information concerning these things. (This site also has many articles relating to the Christian Dispensational/Jewish belief in the rebuilding of the Third Temple. I do not advocate these beliefs anymore).
Originally published in 2009
Originally published in 2010
Dr Kenneth L. Gentry Jr. Official Site - I am greatly indebted to Ken Gentry for much that I have learned about Partial-Preterism and the early date for the writing of the book of Revelation. It's a pity that there aren't many free teaching MP3's available on his site at present. I would recommend his 22-part study course on the Book of Revelation available from Word
The Days of Vengeance by David Chilton
• A link to a free online PDF version of what is probably one of the best commentaries and expositions on the Book of Revelation (especially from a Partial-Preterist viewpoint) written by the late David Chilton. Highly recommended.
Words of a Beast - This page has numerous historical quotes in relation to the Reformer's view that the Papal Roman decrees and actions fulfilled the prophecies of the Beast and the Antichrist. (This page appears to belong to a Seventh Day Adventist site. I do not agree with some of the fundamental doctrines of this movement, but this site has a wealth of historical and biblical information relating to prophecy)
Amillennialism 101 Academy Course (Audio Series) by Dr Kim Riddlebarger. An excellent lecture series on Eschatology from a Reformed Covenant Theology perspective. I would agree with a large portion of Dr Riddlebarger's teaching here, although I don't wish to restrict myself to any one camp or system of interpretation. I would also recommend his book A Case For Amillennialism: Understanding The End Times
Last Updated 08/04/2015
A Further Introduction To Prophetic Studies! by Gerry Watts
October 2012
October 2012
The Visions of Daniel: A Preterist Perspective (pdf) by Gerry Watts
The Day of the Lord, The Royal Appearing: Part 2 (pdf) by Gerry Watts
December 2012
The Olivet Discourse & The Second Advent (pdf) by Gerry Watts
Topic: The Events of the First Century AD in Jerusalem and Judea: The Early Church and the Coming of the Son of Man; The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in the Jewish/Roman War of 66-70 AD signaling the end of the Old Covenant era
The Siege of Jerusalem as Described by Josephus (pdf) by Philip Mauro
An accompaniment to the above article on the Olivet Discourse
October 2012
(Formerly The Prophecies Of The Olivet Discourse)
The Day of the Lord, The Royal Appearing: Part 3 (pdf) by Gerry Watts
NB: All articles written before October 2012 generally reflect the traditional Partial-Preterist view on Eschatology, while those written since October 2012 reflect the Consistent Premillennial Preterist view
Planet Preterist - A 'Full Preterist' site with a number of contributors. (I myself am not technically a Full Preterist)
Premillennial Preterism - An article by Duncan W. McKenzie Ph.D. Essentially, this describes my own view since October 2012.
The Day of the Lord, The Royal Appearing: Part 4 (pdf) by Gerry Watts
May 2013
Early Christian Preterism (historical resources)
August 2013
Table 1: References to the Last Times, etc (pdf) by Gerry Watts
Table 2: Two Ages/Two Realities/Two Qualities (pdf) by Gerry Watts
Table 3: Time Indicators in the Book of Revelation (pdf) by Gerry Watts
Two Ages/Two Realities Timeline Chart (pdf) by Gerry Watts
August 2013
August 2013
August 2013
August 2013
March 2014 - All things Josephus
The Three Phases of Satan's Defeat Timeline Chart (pdf) by Gerry Watts
April 2014
• See the Preterism/Eschatology playlist available on my YouTube channel
• See also my MP3 Audio Series on Consistent Premillennial Preterism on my Youtube channel or in the section above Tell It Like It Is