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For the first time in its history, the religious-political ideology of Islam is invading the Western Christian nations via largely 'peaceful' means through the medium of mass immigration under the banner of multiculturist/multifaith policies of Western governments. It is already beginning to cause huge problems in the nations of Europe and the UK due to the rise of Radical Islam and the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) - and the USA, Canada and Australia are bound to follow suit. Even some 'moderate' Muslim groups are seeking to impose their own laws and beliefs upon Western democratic nations who have a Judeo-Christian heritage. It is something I am very concerned about because the 'holy' book of Islam, the Qur'an, does not generally speak well of Jews and Christians (this is an understatement!), nor, in fact, of anyone who is not a Muslim.
Originally written April 2015. Slight additions Dec. 2016
There are many things I could add here, but I wish to let those who are more learned in these things have their say. I plan to add web links and videos below that I believe to be important, informative and relevant to this kind of discussion. All of us in the West, especially Christians, should show a little pride in the Judeo-Christian heritage of our nations (while not condoning everything our nations have done), along with standing up for freedom of speech and democratic values. We all need to wake up to what is really going on, otherwise our countries will continue to be transformed beyond recognition. There is plenty of evidence to show that in many places within Britain & Europe, where the Muslim population is increasing, there are clear signs that there are Muslims who wish to implement elements of Islamic Sharia Law in these areas, besides causing other major issues. There are some things going on in my own country of Britain that is almost unbelieveable.

We should peacefully oppose anything that threatens what we hold dear - even if some try unjustly to lable us 'racist' or 'Islamophobic'! It is a battle for Truth & Freedom. Always beware the Trojan Horse. Islam is not a race - it is a religious-political ideology that ultimately seeks to change the society around it.

I am very thankful that there are 'reformed' Muslims who do not literally follow the practices of Muhammad & 7th century Arabia!
Answering Muslims-Acts 17 Apologetics Ministry with David Wood & Nabeel Qureshi
• I have a number of playlists on my YouTube channel concerning issues relating to Islam. I don't necessarily agree with all of the views expressed in these videos/links
Many of the root issues are usually ignored by the majority of the Western media and the powers that be (or, at best, covered up, like the recent incidents of the Muslim rape gangs in Britain), with most presenters, politicians and journalists at worst often telling outright lies about the true content of the Qur'an and the teaching of Islamic scholars. Most it seems prefer to look away from the facts and listen to Westernised Muslims who also appear to be somewhat ignorant of the life and practices of their own self-proclaimed prophet Muhammad. I am certainly not against individual Muslims, but I am against so much of what the Qur'an actually teaches and the violent hatred it condones. This book at its core is very Anti-Semitic and Anti-Christian, and encourages violence & injustice at almost every turn. It is certainly not a book of peace! As Jesus said, you can tell a tree by its fruit. In fact, presently, the vast majority of horrific persecution against Christians, particularly in the Middle East, is largely due to Islam.
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