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Here's the original 1977 theatrical trailer for Star Wars
The original Star Wars trilogy is a classic set of movies. The first film, Episode IV: A New Hope, was released in 1977, and it was certainly a milestone in movie history. I remember going to the Odeon cinema in Bristol at that time to see the first one when I was about 11 years old. I even appeared on TV in a local news program because I was right at the front of the large queue waiting patiently outside! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I have lots of memories related to the Star Wars phenomenon. There are so many iconic moments from the original trilogy, some of which have been lampooned numerous times in TV and film.

Yet it has only been in more recent years (from about the mid-1990's) that I've watched the Trilogy with renewed insight. I like the three Prequels as well, which have now been added to the original three, as they complete the whole story, but the original Trilogy clearly had more of an impact - not only on the film industry, but also on individuals, like myself, as well!

Even though elements of the story reflect Buddhist/New Age thinking in many respects, which
seems to be the intention of writer/director George Lucas, there is much truth in it from a biblical perspective, particularly when seen through the eyes of the Spirit. I also find it fascinating that there's even a new religion based on the Star Wars saga - the religion of Jediism!

Star Wars, and many other similar movies, may be science fiction, but 'there is much more in heaven and earth than exists in your philosophy', and I believe that these stories reflect something much deeper, much more than meets the eye!
For instance, the battle between Light and Darkness is a reality that everyone is caught up in, whether we are aware of it or not. There is a Rebellion in the universe, which has been raging since the dawn of time - whether one views it in a negative sense of rebellion against the revealed will of the Creator, or in a more positive sense of the kingdom of Light standing up to the tyranny of the Beast kingdoms of darkness.

In fact, as nuts as this is going to sound to some, here are a few of the biblical spiritual parallels that I see (and there are many), using Star Wars terminology. I would say that the true 'Jedi's' are those whom God (as the Life-Force) has chosen to be trained as his spiritual faith-warriors within his kingdom of Light - with the ultimate faith-warrior being Christ Jesus himself. Through the many tests in life, these 'Jedi-priests' are being trained to bear the fruit of the Spirit of God, particularly Love, Peace, Faithfulness and Self-Control.

Jesus could have called upon more than 12 legions of spiritual warriors from heaven (i.e. angels) when he was unjustly arrested, but like Obi-Wan Kenobi, he knew that the way of humble self-sacrifice held far greater power than pure warrior might alone (cf. Matthew 26:50-56).

Concerning the way of the Spirit, recall Luke Skywalker's training by Yoda. The secret is in the renewing of the mind by the spiritual walk of faith, conquering fear of the powers of darkness - even the darkness lurking within ourselves. And just like the task of raising the ship out of the swamp waters, even the apostle Peter had to focus his faith upon Christ if he didn't want to sink into the stormy sea (cf. Matthew 14:22-33).

But it's a continual battle in this world, with the flesh warring against the spirit. Yet the Word of truth feeds the spirit and encourages living faith. In battle, the real 'light sabre' is the sword of the spirit, which is a declaration of God.
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God is the real personal Force that pervades the universe, giving life to all things. And He alone, through His Son, conquers death - something which the 'Star Wars force' is unable to do.

And the great news is that those on the dark side, like Darth Vader, can be redeemed from their slavery to wickedness and be restored to Life. Now that's real Power! That's ultimate Restoration!
Here's the 1997 re-release special edition theatrical trailer for the Star Wars Trilogy
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