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Here's the original 1956 theatrical trailer for The Ten Commandments. It is quite unique as it runs like a mini-documentary!
Well...what can you say about this classic movie! The name Cecil B. DeMille carries with it the thought of classic old movies, especially biblical ones, made on an epic scale, with colourful costumes, impressive sets (for the era), awesome melodrama...and wonderful hairdo's!

The Ten Commandments (1956) is just one of those films. Like Ben-Hur, which followed a few years later, it may be long, melodramatic (and even quite funny in places), but it nevertheless is a memorable movie - and both films had Charlton Heston at the acting helm!

The special effects were excellent for that era. And the voice of God was....booming! And one of my favourite scenes is where Moses comes down from the mountain, after being in the presence of God, and he's sporting a beaming smile and a white bufont(?) hairdo, all puffed up and swooshed back! Hilarious! So that's what happens when you get too close to God - profuse hair growth!
All joking aside, I think this is a very enjoyable film, which has some powerful, moving scenes. I strongly believe that the biblical events surrounding the early history of the Israelites really happened, as scripture records it - and it was certainly no joke. The giving of God's Law at Mt Sinai would have been an awesome, frightening occurrence, and to experience and witness the incredible power and miracles of the Creator first hand must've been almost indescribable.

Yet the people still rebelled! So miracles aren't enough then to cause people to accept the truth and be transformed from within? So to those who say, "C'mon God, show us a miracle and I'll believe," I say, "Not necessarily!"

But thank God that we are not at Mt Sinai any longer, under the complete, unwavering system of the Law of Moses. The Law can only bring condemnation to all who are under it, for no one can keep it perfectly. It only puts God at a distance from his children.
It is the Law of the Spirit that brings real freedom and peace, where we can bask in the wonderful love and grace of the Father. As Jesus himself taught, love is the fulfillment of the Ten Commandments - and because Christ is the fulfillment of the Law, especially in His sacrifice and resurrection, in Him we can live a new life that brings us out of condemnation into justification and reconciliation.

I still think that this particular film version of the Moses story is, generally speaking, one of the more accurate renderings - and I've seen a few others, but it's a difficult story to transpose onto screen, and a long one at that.

Anyhow, for those who may think that a meeting with God will buff up your hair, I'm sorry to say, it's just not true! Well...come to think of it...maybe there is something to it! Check out US Evangelist Benny Hinn in his hey-day!